Wednesday, February 04, 2004


You know, a couple years ago, people thought it would be impossible for Bush to lose re-election. Nowadays, it seems almost inevitable.

First, there is the Patriot Act. Libertarians and the wacko Left jumped upon this legislation as proof that Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft were trying to create a police state. The actual legislation does nothing of the sort, but the Republicans have done very little to battle the public perception of the Patriot Act. Of course, it doesn't help that Ashcroft looks like a Disney villain.

Then, there is the Iraqi War. Though a clear majority of Americans conceded the need for war, they changed their mind when we started to suffer casualties. So, essentially, Americans are idiots. Apparantly, the idea that war means casualties never occured to the majority of this nation. Some say that we went to war under the assumption that Saddam had WMDs, when in fact he did not. But didn't he? David Kay said he had the infrostructure to build WMD at a moments notice, and would have, if not for invasion. This tells me that we were just a little earlier than we thought we were. Better to get there before he had stockpiles. After all, did we want our soldiers infected with Smallpox as they marched to Baghdad?

Finally, there is the stupidity of his supporters. The Republican base is overconfident. They think that it is still 9/12/01, when Bush had a 92% approval rating. Overconfidence breeds apathy, and may affect voter turnout. Then, there is the Conservative base. The Conservatives are pissed because Bush acknowledges that in some cases, the goevernment DOES need to spend government money. A good number may be angry enough to avoid the polls in November, ignoring that this will allow in a Democrat who will spend much more than Bush would.

So, things look pretty bad for Bush. Lucky for him, the Democrats are also falling apart at the seams. The assumed front-runner for the Democratic nomination, Howard Dean, made the idiot mistake of relying on the youth vote. But, youths do not vote. As a result, the much more wooden John Kerry seems likely to win the nomination, a man who is a little more exciting than Al Gore, but not much.

Democrats are doing an even better job of alienating their base than the Republicans. Since 9/11, the Left has decided to take an anti-Isreal stand on a number of issues, which may cause Jewish voters may stay home on election day this November. Sharpton is starting to point out the racial hypocracy of the Democratic Party. Democrats have taken the Black vote for granted for so long, they attack one of their own when he dares questions their motives. We may see that the Blacks, like the Jews, decide not to bother to go to the polls in November. Without the Jewish and Black support, the Democratic Party would be doomed.

It should be interesting to see which Party contains their self-destruction more successfully.

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