Monday, February 16, 2004

T'was Raised by a Cup o' Coffee 

So, another Democrat who wants to be president is screwing around with the interns. Well, at least Kerry had the fine sense to at least find an attractive girl. Something about Clinton's attraction to the Fatties and the Trailor Trash just seemed so unwholesome.

Right now, I'm pretty sick of this whole campaign. The Democrats have totally demonized Bush, and now the Republicans are responding in kind. There really are some major issues that need to be addressed this election cycle. For example, the Democrats owe so much allegience to the anti-War leftists, can we really trust them to defend us in the Post-9/11 world? Or how can the Republicans explain how gas prices are going through the roof while OPEC has not increased the price per barrel exported? Seems to me that there may be some profiteering going on, and that an administration less beholden to Big Oil may be more inclined to stop it.

The fact is, if Kerry IS having an affair, no one will care. Clinton proved that. And the Democrats' continuing conspiracy theory that Bush skipped out on his National Guard duties, despite all the evidence to the contrary, just proves that everything cynics say about politics is true. Democrats make up lies, hypnotize themselves into believing them, and shape the world around them. Its pretty scary, really.

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