Monday, March 22, 2004

Controversy Ahead 

There has been a great victory in the War on Terror today, but you wouldn't know it from world reaction. The founder and leader of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin, was taken out by Israeli forces. And the world couldn't be angrier.

Now, Yassin's reign of terror is one that makes Osama bin Laden seem like an okay guy. His terror group pioneered the art of suicide bombings. Every explosion on an Israeli bus, ice cream parlor, or busy street was a direct result of this coward's order. He is responsible for more deaths of Palestinian children, whom his followers strapped bombs to, in order to kill innocent Israelis, than any single Israeli prime minister.

Protestors have taken to the streets all over Palestine. You want to really kill the terrorists? Bomb the protestors. I would also bomb his funeral. Barbaric? Perhaps. But Israel is already so despised it can't go worse. Israel needs to make the Palestinians afraid to rebel against them, and then needs to integrate them into equal members of Israeli society. That is the only way, besides Israeli genocide, to end the Israeli/Arab conflict.

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