Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Curse of Success 

Bush's biggest downfall may be the exact opposite of his father. He has been too successful as president.

After 9/11, he vowed to prevent another act of terror from striking our country. Even though he pointed out that another attack was likely inevitable, there has not been a single attack on American soil by an organized terror group (unless the DC Snipers really were working for Nation of Islam, like some believe). Due to this unbelievable success, no one seems to care about the Terror issue. And, as Bush's 9/11 campaign commercial seems to indicate, a large amount of Americans are trying to blot 9/11 from their memory entirely.

As for the economy, it is grew for an entire quarter at 12%, faster than any other time since Reagan. Now, it still grows, by not at an equally astonishing rate. Since the economy is now growing at a more reasonable (and thus, sustainable) rate, Bush's economic plan is now considered a failure.

Bush's other successes don't seem to be helping him either. Saddam Hussein was captured under his watch, and Iraq is now a Constitutional Republic, the first in the Middle East since the First World War. Saddam's sons are dead, thus ridding the world of two would-be tyrants.

Afghanistan has not fallen back into Taliban hands like the so-called experts predicted.

Haiti is free of the dictator that Bill Clinton inflicted upon them.

Unemployment is at 5%, the lowest in the industrial world.

The one failure of the Bush administration is the failure to capture Osama bin Laden. However, Al Qaeda is decimated, and practically all of Osama's top men are captured or dead. Bin Laden has been rendered totally impotent.

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