Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Spain's Lesson: How John Kerry Can Prevent Another 9/11, and Possibly Win the Presidency 

"We must hang together, or surely we shall hang seperately."- Benjamin Franklin.

It is sad that Spain did not heed the advice of America's greatest wit. Prior to 3/11, Spain was bitterly divided on whether to support the United States in the War on Terror. Conservatives wanted to aide the US's Crusade, where the Socialists wanted to leave the terrorists alone. Al Qaeda saw a golden opportunity. They attacked Spain right before their elections. Their ideological allies, the Socialists, jumped into action and blamed the United States for the attack, won the election, and vowed to cease any aide to the United States in the War on Terror, most notably in Iraq.

Now, imagine if Spain had been united in their conviction to combat terror. Al Qaeda would not have felt there was a tactical advantage in attacking Spain, and may have left them alone while they planned another attack on US soil. It is rather telling that such a shaky ally was chosen, rather than a more traditional ally like Britain or Australia.

Now, there is a lesson here that America needs to learn, John Kerry most especially. There needs to be a bipartisan consensus to combat terrorism, in the harshest possible way, so that the terrorists know that they'd be no better off if Kerry won than if Bush did.

Kerry needs to unleash the Hawk inside.

Kerry must cut all ties with Howard Dean. He won the primaries on the basis of NOT being Howard Dean. Dean will be more poisonous to Kerry than Al Gore was to Dean. And by the way, Senator, I hope you're smart enough not to allow Gore to taint your campaign.

Kerry needs to realize that he won his party's nomination due to his perceived support of the Iraqi War, not in spite of it. Stop courting the anti-War vote, Senator. If the anti-War crowd voted, Dean would be the Democratic nominee, not you.

Right now, conventional wisdom is that Al Qaeda will attack the United States in the last days of October, in order to force Bush out of office. The only hope to prevent this is if Kerry gives rhetoric just as fiery, if not moreso, than the incumbant. Al Qaeda must fear Kerry more than they fear Bush.

And Kerry, you must realize that the United States is not Spain. In the event that there is a terror attack before the election, the American people will scream for blood, and you can bet your soul that the more hawkish candidate will win.

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