Monday, March 29, 2004

Tricky Dick II 

Its taken me a while to figure out exactly what I think of Richard Clark.

What bugs me is that the press is saying that, since he worked for administrations of both political parties, he is automatically above politics, and therefore undeniably objective.

I think career bureaucrats can be some of the most dangerous people in our government. They answer to no one, have power over how our tax dollars are used, and are often free to abuse their power. Clark presided over the terror problems that plagued the Clinton Administration. He was the one who essentially shot a $10 million missile up a camel's ass, to paraphrase President Bush.

Many of the most evil people in history were bureaucrats above politics. Submitted for your consideration is one Charles-Maurice Talleyrand, the French diplomat. This man served under Louis XVI, the Revolutionary Government, Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XIII, and Louis-Philippe.

Talleyrand survived all these administrations by being interested in one thing. No, not the welfare of the French Empire-turned Republic-turned Empire-turned Republic. Talleyrand survived by looking out only for himself.

I contend that Richard Clark survives in much the same way. He was hired by President H. Bush as a moderate. He liberalized his views when Clinton takes over, and amazingly manages to keep his job. When W. Bush brings his administration to the White House, Clark became a neo-con. However, for whatever reason, the new Bush administration was not impressed with Clark, and demoted him to monitering a cyber-terror taskforce. Clark realized that his future wasn't going to be long and bright with this administration and resigned.

However, to reingratiate himself to the neo-cons, he ratted out the Clinton administration, pointed out all the failures of the Clintons in the battle against terrorism. He made himself out to be the one lone voice of sanity against the rest of Clinton's advisors. Only he, Richard Clark, was wise enough to realize the threat Al Qaeda posed.

But then, a funny thing happened. George W. Bush began to slip in the polls. The neo-cons may soon leave power! Let the transformation begin!

Now, to appeal to Kerry, and to get a position in his administration, he has renegged EVERYTHING he said about Clinton. Clinton was a master when it came to dealing with terrorism. Bush, on the other hand, was totally distracted with an irrational need to take out Saddam Hussein. Condi Rice? A moron who never heard of Al Qaeda. Don Rumsfeld? Iraq-obsessed megalomaniac.

What this comes down to is that Richard Clark is a filthy sycophant who's loyalty is up for grabs at any time. He'd probably fit well in a Kerry administration. He contradicts himself almost as often as the Senator.

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