Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Who is to Blame For 9/11? 

Is anyone else tired of listening to people bitch that Bush and/or Clinton could have prevented 9/11?

We elected a lawyer and a businessman, not psychics.

And ANYONE who complains even the LEAST bit about the War in Iraq or the Patriot Act has no right to criticize either Clinton or Bush. The Patriot Act simply gives the FBI the tools to moniter terror suspects AFTER GETTING A WARRANT, yet from the way people react, you'd think it repealed the Bill of Rights. We did not have the Patriot Act before 9/11, so there was no way to know what the terrorists were planning.

To prevent 9/11, we would have had to have attacked the Taliban and Al Qaeda long before the attack could have even been planned. And we all know how that would have went. The same people who clamored to save Saddam from justice would have dedicated their lives to defend the Taliban. Hollywood would take to the airwaves to declare the sitting president the equivolent of Hitler. College professors would lead their students in protests. Just as they did before the Iraq War. Just as they did during the Kosovo Campaign.

The blame does not lie on either Clinton or Bush. The blame for 9/11 belongs squarely on the international Anti-War lobby who have worked to castrate the leadership of the West, and the United States in particular, since Vietnam. Reagan and both Bush presidents effectively bypassed the Anti-Warists when emergencies struck. Clinton, though more beholden to the Anti-War lobby, was willing to send troops (for at least a short time) when the need presented itself.

The attack in Spain proved that there is a close alliance between the Anti-War movement and the Terror movement, and the irony is, the Anti-Warists don't even realize it. Al Qaeda knows who will allow them to continue their reign of terror, and who will hesitate to use force when it matters. They know they don't need to ally with Western dictators. They simply need the Western Democracies to be led by appeasers. Men like Prime Minister Zapatero. Men like Howard Dean. Possibly men like Senator Kerry.

In a Democracy, the leaders only have the powers we give them. If you want to know who to blame for 9/11, simply look to those who withheld the power to protect us.

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