Saturday, April 24, 2004

Abortion: How the problem is self-solving 

This weekend, a gigantic pro-Abortion march is planned to remember the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade.

Probably the most influential case of judicial activism since the Dred Scott decision inflamed the nation into Civil War, Roe can hardly be discussed by anyone in the political arena without Conservatives calling Liberals babykillers, and Liberals accusing Conservatives of trying to biologically enslave women.

One interesting theory put forth by James Taranto from Opinion Journal's Best of the Web feature is that abortion is a self-solving problem. By theory of Micro-evolution, it should literally just die out.

The idea is that children will usually pick up the political ideology of their parents. Since by definition Pro-Lifers will breed more often than Pro-Choicers, this will result a steady decline in the Abortionist population. Add to the mix that Catholics and Mormons, the two strongest Pro-Life interests, tend to have much more children than the zero-population growth believers that tend to inhabit the Pro-Choice camp, and you can see why this goofy theory has the tint of legitimacy behind it.

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