Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Heroes, Victims, Villains 

Well, the Iraq War seems to be going bad, at least thats how the press tells it.

The embedded troops are gone, so we no longer get a first-hand view. I can't help but wonder if all this bad news may be wishful thinking by the press.

The media does not historically get along well with the military.

The press no longer seems to be toeing the line that they support the troops. Andy Rooney has declared that military men are not heroes, but victims. It won't be long before some other media personality goes one up on Rooney, and declares that the fighting men are villains. After all, if they are killing civilians under the orders of the Fuhrer Bush, they are no better than the Nazis convicted at Nuremburg.

In Vietnam, the villainization of the American Fighter was so quick, that no one even saw it coming. Boys who simply answered the call when the nation called (who often had no choice, thanks to the Draft) were sneered at by rich intellectuals and collegiates (who dodged the Draft, thanks to their rich daddies sending them to Canada). The heroes were called murderers and babykillers.

Liberals hate the military, and I doubt it will be long before they stop pretending otherwise. Rooney is old, and therefore probably feels less inhibited by public opinion. I would guess that it won't be long before other fossils like Cronkite and Rather follow suit. Of course, Michael Moore, Al "Checkbouncer" Franken, and the other loons will spread accusations. Eventually, it won't be Bush's fault that civilians die. The mainstream Leftists will start blaming the troops for all the deaths resulting from the War on Terror.

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