Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Catch Our Breath" Presidents 

If John Kerry wins the '04 elections, presidential historians and political scientists will develop dozens of theories on why he won and Bush didn't. Let me jump the gun and put out my theory right now.

John Kerry is running on a "Catch our Breath" ticket. The Democrats, and many other people, simply want to go back to tyhe ways things were before the drama of our current president and his horny predecessor. Kerry isn't dramatic. We all know he won't shake things up in any way. He won't take any risks. He won't take initiative to substantially raise or lower taxes, and if Congress tries either, he won't give significant resistance or endorsement.

Kerry is pinning his hopes on the idea that America just wants a caretaker president. After the Clinton Scandals and the Bush Wars, he may be right. The last time we had two such presidents in a row was LBJ and Nixon. The return to normalcy after their presidencies led to Ford and Carter.

Two non-flashy, non-offensive presidents. During their presidencies, the Soviet Union expanded further than it had since World War II.

The fact is, just because Americans want to return to normal doesn't mean that the world will let them. While Al Qaeda is still active, America will not be safe. Without a man like Ashcroft willing to allow himself to be defamed to protect the country, more 9/11s will occur. And Kerry will not have any Ashcrofts in his cabinet, you can be sure of that.

Kerry wants to be all things to all people. And Americans may want that, because it means 4 years of no excitement. But we will pay for those four years. It's worth noting that neither Ford or Carter got re-elected. America's rush to normalcy cost them high inflation, a poor economy, and a rejuvinated Soviet Union.

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