Saturday, May 29, 2004

Cosby Explains It All 

Bill Cosby is being criticized by the self-proclaimed leaders of the Black People for essentially criticizing ebonics and urban culture. Anyone who knows anything about Cosby knows that he didn't say anything at this Brown v. Board of Education gala that he had not said before.

Way back in the day, late 70s I believe, Eddie Murphy and Cosby has a well publicized rivalry when Cosby called him a third rate comedian for having to shock people with the "N-word" in order to get laughs.

Spike Lee and Cosby also came to verbal blows over similar circumstances in the early-to-mid 80's.

And, for those of you with shorter attention spans, he went off on Wanda Sykes for "not speaking English" when he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at last years Emmys.

Obviously, those who invited Bill to speak at this celebration either knew what sort of things he was going to say, or were negligent on researching their speaker. All in all, I think Cosby said things that needed to be said. On the other hand, as a White person, I am not allowed to have an opinion on this at all.

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