Monday, May 10, 2004

Patriotism Diminished 

Here is my biggest fear with this Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal. I feel this may have finally killed off the national feelings of patriotism that erupted after September 11.

National opinion, outside the circle of elites that hate America regardless of what happens in the world, has been that America enjoys the moral high ground. We are superior to the terrorists morally. We are superior to Saddam and Kimn Jong Il and the Clerics of Iran because we regard the sanctity of human rights. And then, we get the news that shocks us to the entire core. American troops mistreated Iraqi POWs.

This now makes everyone give more credence to the Leftists who spun their black heliocopter theories about mistreatments in Guantanemo Bay, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Even though most accusations made by so-called human rights groups like Amnesty International were most likely hyperbole, and even outright mischaracterizations, we are forced to look at their charges more seriously.

Now, forcing prisoners to be naked in front of women is hardly as bad as the tortures Saddam and sons inflicted. But it makes the United States out to be a Saddam-Lite. This rejuvinates the anti-American movement as nothing else possibly could.

I don't know what the long term ramifications will be. I think the heroic image of the US Soldier is in the most jeopardy since the Vietnam War, and that opportunistic leftists like Michael Moore and the journalistic staff of CBS may exploit this for personal gain. If I am right about the end of American patriotism, its likely Kerry will win the election in 2004, since the GOP is the party of patriots, and the Democratic Party is the party of dissent and anger.

If you disagree with the paragraph above, I would like to point out one way I believe American Patriotism can be salvaged. John Kerry and John McCain are in unique positions to step up and defend the honor of our troops.

As a former POW who was abused at the hands of the Viet Cong, McCain can attest to the vileness of such conduct, and then can point out that most American troops would be sickened by how these prisoners were treated. To his credit, McCain has been on all major networks and has said essentially just that.

Kerry, who accused American soldiers of war crimes during Vietnam (as well as admitted to a few himself), could make up for his past sins against the troops by standing up to defend their honor now. This will invalidate the conspiracy theories his own party will undoubtedly put out that villainizes the US Military as a whole, will legitimize his running on military service, and prove to military voters, Bush's strongest base outside Conservatives, that he is willing to stick up for them. But as I've said before, the Democrats are too beholden to the anti-War lobby, so Kerry will not do the honorable thing.

Let me just close by clarifying that the American Military is an honorable organization, and that 99% are probably sickened at this entire scandal. But as the Catholic Church learned during their pedophile scandal, the actions of the majority is meaningless. The whole will be judged by the absolute worst.

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