Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Tortured Torturers 

Saddam's Ba'ath Party loyalists got the Lite version of what they used to dish out, and CBS is there to make you outraged!

American soldiers were idiotic enough to tape their misconduct, and have cost us dearly in the Image War.

Obviously, the people responsible need to be held accountable, but really, am I supposed to feel sorry for these Iraqis? Did these same Iraqis not drag American contractors to their death last month?

Now, I accept that America is held to a higher standard, as well we should be. But one detention center in the entire country of Iraq is hardly reason to jump to the conclusion that America is worse for Iraq than Saddam was.

Americans mistreating prisoners was an exception to the rule. Compare that to Saddam making men watch their families face torture. Or Uday feeding men to his pet tigers, because they were attracted to the same women he was attracted to. Uday, by the way, videotaped those feedings to enjoy later.

I also find it interesting that CBS was the organization to break this story, specifically, 60 Minutes. Andy Rooney, as mentioned in an earlier entry, wrote an interesting article about why the men and women who serve in the armed forces are not heroes. After Pat Tillman's well-publicized death in Afghanistan, servicemen and servicewomen began to regain their prestige. I just find CBS's timing pretty interesting,
On another note, any Conservative who claims to support the troops, who was angered by Ted Koppel's reading of the fallen of Iraq is a hypocrite. I understand the fear that the anti-warriors will twist this into propoganda. But it is foolish to taint the actions of someone who obviously had noble intentions.

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