Wednesday, May 19, 2004

VP McCain 

As weak as Bush sometimes seems in this election, the Democrats are desperate to derail him. So much so that many are willing to advocate that Kerry choose John McCain as his running mate.

As a Republican, nothing could make me happier. McCain, though occasionally moderate in social issues, is a bigger hawk than Bush and his "neo-cons," is anti-Affirmative Action, supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent, and is Pro-Life.

In addition, McCain would become president of the Senate, giving the Republicans a better majority. If Kerry won, Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney would appoint Kerry's replacement in the Senate, giving Ted Kennedy a conservative counterpart to represent the state.

McCain would give up his seat in Arizona, and it is tough to say which party would take his seat. Since neither party is really taking the McCain candidacy seriously, neither is prepared. Arizona would probably become a fiasco worthy of California, and the Democrats would probably get angry when McCain didn't endorse the Democratic candidate.

This probably won't pan out, but if it does, I sure will enjoy the ride.

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