Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Conservatives Don't Think Liberals are Evil 

It seems to me that the biggest misconception that Liberals have is that Conservatives are intolerant Bible-thumpers who believe all who disagree to be on a one-way trip to Hell, do not pass Limbo, do not collect $200. I blame Jerry Falwell for this misconception.

The truth is, Conservatives usually find liberals mind-bogglingly stupid and often hypocritical, but not evil. From the Conservative point of view, Liberals intentionally blind themselves from the breathtakingly obvious.

Let us take the issue of Saddam Hussein. Throughout the Clinton presidency, we all agreed that besides China, Saddam's Iraq was the biggest standing threat to the Union. As he squelched the Kurdish rebellions, both political parties wondered why Bush '41 didn't rush to the aid of the Kurds. When Clinton bombed Iraq, everyone accepted that Saddam had WMDs.

But, when the WMDs disappeared before the US troops marched on Baghdad, Liberals suddenly decided that they never existed at all. Did the Kurds fake dying a horrid death?

Conservatives, on the other hand, wonder where exactly the WMDs went. Did Saddam sell them to another Arab nation? To terrorists? Even if he destroyed the weapons, what did he do with the debris? Anthrax spores and Serin Gases don't just vanish when you remove them from warheads.

Now, opposition to "Bush's War" is not the only time the Democrats and Liberals opt for stupidity over common sense. Take, for instance, their hatred of a missile shield to protect the US and its allies from ICBMs. They simply say "It cannot be done." If evidence shows anything to the contrary, they call it a dangerous lie.

Yet in a world where Liberals believe there is no possible defense against nuclear attacks, they don't seem to think its worth the trouble to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The UN's IAEA has been warning of this development for months, and yet no one has proposed doing anything to stop them. The same could be said for North Korea, whom Clinton allowed to build nuclear weapons theoretically capable of hitting California. Not that Bush is much better, but if Bush tried to stop North Korea or Iran, Liberals would be down his throat, saying that the only reason for the war was to lay a pipeline, or some such garbage (Lack of oil in a nation-state is not sufficient reason for Liberals to bypass the idea of wars being about oil. Afghanistan is oil-free, and in many leftist minds, that war was an oil war).

Now, how does this preference for ignorance manifest itself in Liberals? Through the complete lack of will to debate. Liberals resort to name-calling. They call Republicans and Conservatives "bigots" if they question the merits of Affirmative Action, gay marriages, abortion, or any other social engineering project they design to enforce an unreachable goal of total equality.

In turn, they falsely accuse Republicans of questioning their patriotism on a regular basis. John Kerry is notorious for this. Whenever anyone brings up his record on defense spending, he takes it as a jab against his patriotism. Now, I doubt even Rush Limbaugh would equate a vote against Missile Defense as being motivated by some secret hope that America gets nuked (although, I can't say I'd put it past Ann Coulter).

So, my advice to Liberals is that they need to stop projecting an image of stupidity. Don't run from debate, and when you do debate, do so with facts instead of opinions. And certainly stay away from name-calling. Only with honest intellectual debate will anyone learn anything. And that includes Conservatives. Heaven knows our ranks are filled with morons too.

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