Monday, June 28, 2004

Iraqi Sovereignty, and The Rebel Without A Slim-Fast  

I cannot help but wonder what the appeal Michael Moore seems to have. His latest smear job seems to be making a killing at the box office, even though from what I hear, all his contentions have already been debunked.

I suppose that watching a Michael Moore movie is probably a lot like watching a gory train wreck, or a porno flick with old, ugly women. You don't really want to watch, but dagnabbit if your curiousity doesn't get the better of you.

I think that Moore also appeals to people who consider themselves rebels, who are brave enough to speak out against the evil American government. However, it is pretty ignorant to believe that you are going against any popular current to be anti-Bush, or even anti-American. Most of the world is anti-American. By supporting an anti-American like Michael Moore, you feed the distrust the world has in the United States. The anti-American world feeds on the types of propoganda Moore loves to feed them.
In other news, President Bush totally threw a wrench in the terrorist plans today by handing sovereignty over to Iraq two days early. Now Al-Sadr will have to cancel his plans to disrupt the hand-over, and any additional attacks in Iraq will be against a Muslim people, not Americans.

Of course, I can't help thinking of the Fall of Saigon.

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