Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Where's Kerry? 

Has anyone noticed that John Kerry has mysteriously vanished? I honestly have not heard a word about him since before Reagan's death.

Perhaps the Democrats should put Michael Moore and Bill Clinton on a ticket together, since they seem to be a lot more interested in the limelight than Kerry is.

Kerry seems to be following a rather cynical strategy that no press is good press. He hopes that Bush hatred will increase while there is no one to compare to the current president. He has taken a lot of stock in the media's harping that elections against incumbants are more about the incumbant than the challenger, and that Hatred-for-Bush will gaurantee any Democratic challenger victory.

This isn't overly realistic. Republicans made this assumption in 1996 when they chose Bob Dole to run against the widely disliked Bill Clinton (Few people remember that the Clinton Love-Fest was more of a 2nd term phenomenom. Hillary was the hero of the first term). Dole, however, at least gave the American public the courtesy of trying to campaign. Kerry seems to think that if he shuts up and stays out of sight, allows Moore and Gore and Teddy Kennedy to stir up Bush Hatred, then people will go out on Super Tuesday to simply vote Bush out of office.

Personally, I think the Green Party is wasting a golden opportunity. Since the Democrats are simply assuming that they will get 100% of the anti-Bush vote, now would be the golden opportunity for another Liberal/Progressive/Socialist party to reign in more support. Since most blame Nader for causing the Bush victory in 2000, the Greens seem to have shamed themselves away from participating in this election at all, which raises an interesting question. If the Greens aren't going to run for office if it means they might cost Democrats votes, why bother to exist at all?

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