Monday, July 19, 2004

Treacherous Media 

Remember during the Iraq War, during the opening days, when the media was telling us daily how horrible the war was going?  FoxNews was demonized as a propoganda mouthpiece of the administration when they offered suggestions that perhaps America was winning the war.  Embedded reporters were written off as delusional when they reported good news from the front.  America was losing, and there was no room for disagreement about that.
And then, Baghdad fell. America won.
Then, Saddam and sons were impossible to find.  Iraqis would be loyal to their former leaders, the media told us, and no one would give them up.  Besides, Saddam had so many doubles, we'd never know if we actually ever killed him
And then, we killed Uday and Qusay.  We captured the real Saddam. 
And this is just Iraq.  I haven't even touched upon all the miscalculations the media had in the Afghan War. 
The media harps that Bush lied, when he was wrong about stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction (IF he was wrong.  Two tons of uranium were found in Iraq, as well as Mustard Gas, Serin Gas, and warheads to deliver WMDs).  By the media's own logic, if Bush is a liar, they are villainously deceptive.
Now, the media keeps reports that the Bush '04 campaign is going down in flames, because of the Hate Bush movement the extreme Left initiated.  Yet, Bush has stayed consistantly even with Kerry in the polls.  They fail to report that the economy is growing faster now than it has in over twenty years. 
The media has failed this country.  It has proven that it cannot be trusted to look beyond their petty ideology to fairly report the news. 
To understand the origin of the rant, go here: www.opinionjournal.com/extra/?id=110005370

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