Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Virginia Baseball 

I hate the Baltimore Orioles. I used to think I simply hated baseball, but the truth is, I actually enjoy going to the games. I can get drunk and zone out, and never lose track of what is going on in the game.

But the Orioles. Is there any reason to be an Orioles fan? They can't win a game against a little league team.

Luckily, here in the Washington area, we may finally be free of the ineptitude of Baltimore. Both Northern VA and DC have put in bids to get their own team, or perhaps bring the Expos over here.

I think the most interesting aspect of the VA/DC baseball issue is that Virginia wants a team of their own. Rather than being content to let them be the DC Expos (or whatever), they actually want them to be the Virginia Expos (or whatever).

When you think about it, Virginia deserves a team more anyway. Which region is more successful? Northern Virginia is the richest, fastest growing region of the country. DC is a gigantic cesspool full of crackwhores, drug dealers, and lobbyists. They are planning on letting Marion Barry run for public office AGAIN! They don't deserve a baseball team! They don't even deserve self-rule!

Well said, Bennett.
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