Thursday, August 26, 2004

All Cultures are NOT Created Equal 

As I said in my last posting (split apart for easier reading) I think the most offensive idea the Left has ever come up with is that of Moral Relativism, that all cultures are created equal.

Why does that disgust me? Because it discounts everything anyone has ever achieved, and anything anyone has ever believed in.

Abraham Lincoln accomplished nothing when he freed the slaves. After all, if all cultures are equal, then society post-slavery was no different than society during slavery. The Civil War was a joke. Similarly, I suppose Nelson Mendela's sacrifice was for vain as well, if the culture of Apartheid South Africa was equivolent to the culture of Modern South Africa.

Ghandi and Hitler? No difference between the two, when one puts on the spectacles of moral equivolency. Two leaders who brought equally desirable results to their respective nations.

My professor I mentioned in my previous entry came to America for graduate school. I resisted the personal question asking why she came here rather than Saudi Arabia for her education. I already know the answer. Because in American culture, women are allowed and encouraged to learn. Our Euro-centric culture has provided twophilosophies that has allowed women the right to full protections of citizenship: Feminism and Chivalry.

Chivalry is the idea that noblemen must be respectful to all women, no matter their station, and that men should protect the women. Even if most real knights didn't follow this code, the value was ingrained in our system. Feminism is the idea that females have a right to consider themselves the equals of their male counterparts.

Compare this to the value system of Taliban-Afghanistan. Women had no rights. They could not even leave their homes. If their husband died, as was common in that hellish culture, they were not allowed to earn any money to feed themselves or their children. Was this culture the equivolent of say, Spain? Of course not!

In Saudi Arabia, women are considered property. They do not go to school, so the question of why she didn't study there would have been an intentionally ludicrous one. Women cannot drive, no one can profess any religious belief besides Wahabbi Islam, and there is no representative government. And we are supposed to believe this culture is the equivolent of the Roman Republic, the Athenian city-state, or even of the modern day Philippines?

The fact is, there are cultures that are superior to others. And it is measurable. How many people starve every night? What is the employment rate? Infant mortality rate? Life expectancy? Income levels? How is human dignity respected, if at all? Who is eligible to vote? Is it likely this country will commit genocide in the near future?

I am not necessarily saying that the US is the greatest nation in history. I believe it is probably the greatest nation on earth at the moment, and could probably compare with Ancient Rome and Hellenic Greece, but hey, I could be wrong. I will say without a doubt that we are better than the Saudis, we are better than the Taliban was, we are better than Nazi Germany. We committed sins in the past, and we will likely commit them again in the future, but perspective needs to be kept in all things.

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