Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jon vs. the Establishment 

Y'know, it is kind of nice to be back in college. Since I already have my bachelors, my professors hold no power with which to intimidate me.

My Communications professor runs the class as if it is her private forum to espouse her far-left beliefs. She laments our Jew-bias media, and in every class she has presided over so far, she has found ways to criticize how Americans view themselves. She calls us foolish for judging the 9/11 terrorists as evil.

Now, to be honest, I usually zone her out. I resent the fact that I have to take any Humanities classes, since I already have my BA, so my theory is, they can make me come to class, but they cannot make me listen. However, work has sucked balls lately, and I haven't gotten nearly the sleep that I've grown accustomed to (17 hours/day, ideally), so today, I found myself challenging this woman.

Our original teacher for this class had to quit mid-term for medical reasons, but before he left, he presented a lesson plan in which we had to give a group speech on any topic. The new professor has limited our options to three subjects: Racial, Sexual Harassment, and Cultural. If you choose cultural, you are forced to argue this thesis: All Cultures are Inherently Equal. And I find this to be the most offensive bit of tripe the Left has ever come up with. (My group, by the way, chose Sexual Harassment. We are for it.)

I asked the professor if she believed that the United States was the moral equivolent of Nazi Germany. She was at first stunned that someone dared challenge her, and she stuttered. She then replied that Nazi Germany was not a culture. Well, according to Dictionary.com:
culĀ·ture -
These patterns, traits, and products considered as the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population: Edwardian culture; Japanese culture; the culture of poverty.
1930's/40's Germany would definitely fall into this category.

So, she became angrier, as did a few students in the class. She claimed that Naziism was destined to fall. I told her it only fell because we wiped it out.

"WE?!" She said, fairly slyly. "Who is 'WE'?"

Luckily, I've seen this trick before. "The Allies," I replied. "The United States, Britain, and the Soviets."

You see, whenever Americans talk about World War II, we say that WE won, which anti-Americans use to prove jingoism. By pointing out our allies, I proved I wasn't just mouthing US Patriotism.

At this point she yelled at me to shut it, and claimed I was just a flag-waver. I considered myself victorious. When someone is forced to pull rank, it means you won. If someone is forced to resort to name-calling, it means you went beyond the arguments that they could win by logic.

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