Thursday, September 02, 2004

Russia and Israel and the USA 

Russia is suffering through yet another terrorist crisis. Militant Chechnyans have taken over a school and are holding the lives of children as barter to have other militants released.

As Israel prepares to leave the Gaza Strip, I think it may be wise to look back on the lessons Israel, as well as the United States, can learn from the Russian/Chechnyan situation.

Since the days of the Soviet Empire, Chechnya has yearned to be free from Russian rule, which is more than understandable. However, their hypernationalism has become a supreme liability for Russian security.

At first, Russia hoped to quell their rebellion through military might, and this caused a long, bloody, drawn-out war in Chechnya. Eventually, the Pacifist movement, figure-headed by mothers of drafted soldiers, forced Putin to pull the troops back home. Chechnya was given partial autonomy, and has the right to elect their own heads of government.

However, the conflicts have not stopped, because the militants are left unchecked. They assassinated their president not long ago, and constantly launch attacks into mainland Russia. Now, instead of the bloody fighting being in Chechnya, its in the Russian mainland.

Israel seems to hope that Palestinians will cease the suicide attacks if they abandon the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Not too likely. Arafat has made Israel's elimination his sole purpose in life, and as soon as he regains those territories, he'll think up an excuse to take something else, with his allies in the EU waiting in the wings to eat up any manure he serves up. Hamas and Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad won't even go through the courtesy of making up a new excuse to attack.

If the United States decides to go passive in the War on Terror, you can believe we will suffer fates like the Russians. We've not had a single major terror attack in our borders since 9/11, because the terror masters were preoccupied in Afghanistan and Iraq to concentrate on any attacks in our homeland. If a future president decides not to aggressively deal with the terrorists, they will have more time to plan for attacks, and we will see more devastation stateside.

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