Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Specter of Infighting 

Now that the Republicans are decidedly the majority fighting, we shall now see the infighting. As mentioned before, the Republican Party is not a big tent.

A Civil War in the Republican Party has long been brewing between the "Moderate" and "Conservative" wings. Conservatives tend to be more pigheaded, trying to force the president to put impossible ideals, such as eliminating all farm subsidies, over the political realities. This is why it is shocking that it is the moderates, led by one Senator Arlen Specter, who are initiating the battle.

Senator Specter is expected to head the judiciary committee in the upcoming congress. As many people with an unhealthy fixation on politics know, during the last session of Congress, Daschle and the Democrats made it their business to make sure that practically none of Bush's judicial nominations would come up for a vote, no matter their qualifications, even if endorsed by the liberal American Bar Association. Unless the nominee was a pro-choice Democrat (which two were, as Bush's foolish attempt to be a "Uniter, not a Divider") the Democrats would filibuster to make sure the Senate was never able to vote.

With Bush's mandate creating a major Senatorial coattail effect, Republicans and Conservatives breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, Republicans would be able to fill all the vacant judgeships across the country! That is, until Senator Specter opened his fool mouth.

Specter immediately told the press that he would continue to put Bush's nominees to a litmus test. Bush would not have the freedom to choose his judicial nominees based on merits. They'd have to conform to Specter's view of the world.

Immediately, Conservatives were red with anger. They won the most bitter election in modern history! Who the Hell is Specter to challenge the man who endorsed him against a more qualified Conservative in the primaries?

We'll tell you! said the Conservatives. He's the man who betrayed the Party on the nomination of Robert Bork. When stinging accusations about the judge's sick wife brought him to tears, Specter refused to allow the Democrats to call a recess, he was so determined to get his barbs in!

Specter is a traitor to the party, in the eyes of most Conservatives. While they may disagree with McCain on certain issues, and they seethed with rage against Jim Jeffords when he switched parties with the 50/50 Senate, neither ever angered Conservatives as much as Specter did during the Bork hearings.

Arlen Specter is dead to Conservatives, and rightfully so. He should be dead to the Republican Party as well.

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