Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunamis, Earthquakes, al Qaeda, Oh My 

It is rather telling how much damage this tsunami has done. I would wager no human endeavor has cost more lives since the Stalinist purges, and we are yet to see what kind of diseases rise from the mass deaths.

Some environmental wackos are trying to blame the tsunamis on Global Warming. I will give a free cookie to anyone who can explain to me how warmer air would cause earthquakes.

Meanwhile, Osama bin DeadForAwhile released another videotape, which alerted Saudi Terror Cells to attack. Incompetents that they are, both attackers blew themselves up prematurely.

Not much else to say: Pray for the Victims.

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Walls of Water 

On Christmas day, some of the worst earthquakes in recorded history invoked massive tsunamis that ravaged Indonesia, Thailand, and other Asian nations. Predictably, the United States will provide ALL the aid that the world is going to give to these unfortunate countries. The EU will give nothing, just as they gave nothing to the over-hurricaned Florida. The UN will give a share, but the United States will pay for it all.

Will any international press cover it? No. Al-Jazeera will not point out that the United States Government will give billions to Indonesia, which homes the largest Muslim population on Earth. I think that the United States needs to find some way to make sure that the average inhabitant knows who is paying for their homes and businesses to be repaired, so that in the future, they do not view the CBS/al-Jazeera version of the US as the only US.

Indonesia, to whom we are about to pay billions of dollars of relief aid, is the single biggest recruiting center for al Qaeda, if the press is to be believed (which it isn't, but bear with me). Should we not, in some way, require their state-run media to acknowledge our contribution? We give money to anti-American countries both as a moral duty to help our fellow man, but also as a bribe for them to stop hating us. The United States is without peer in succeeding in the first part of this, but no one fails more miserably in receiving credit when credit is due.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Let it be known that if you buy me a gift, and therefore force me to buy YOU a gift, I despise you.

Oh, and that goes double for Christmas Cards.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

How the Grinches Steal Christmas: 2004 Edition 

Every December, the usual heated debate concerning the definition of the Church/State Barrier becomes a raging inferno. The anti-Christians chose this month to attack the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, the Christmas Season, in order to impose their Faith on the people in the United States.

The issue started innocently enough. Back in the day, some people suggested that rather than saying Merry Christmas, that we all wish each other Happy Holidays, so that non-Christians do not feel left out of holiday cheer. No one seemed to see any harm in this. After all, who would want to offend our non-Christian neighbors who may have other religious beliefs?

But now, it is the Christian belief that falls under attack every December. If a civic group erects a nativity scene on public property, secularists demand it be torn down. Christmas Carols are censored to eliminate references to Christian characters or even Christmas itself (In elementary school, my school chorus was forced to sing "We Wish You a Happy Holidays", which is ridiculous simply for the insult to grammer it represents).

Why? Because of the imagined ban of intermingling between Church and State. If the US celebrates Christmas, they acknowledge a religion, and therefore, they are at fault.

And yet, every November, we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday explicitly meant to mingle Church and State. Its a national holiday meant specifically to thank God for everything good in your life provided by your country. Thanksgiving is like the bastard son of Christmas and July 4th.

The fact is that many in the United States are simply intolerant of Christians. The immoral minority harbor bigoted beliefs that Christians are simply waiting for an opportunity to turn the United States into a Taliban-like regime. In order to hinder this progression, they believe they need to purge the United States of all references to Judeo-Christianity, such as:

- The Ten Commandments in our courts (The Moral Law which our Civil Law is based from)
- "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegience
- "In God We Trust" from our currency (Our National Motto)

The problem with this idea is that it presumes that the United States could survive such extractions. Already we are beginning to see some dangerous side effects. In California, the Declaration of Independence was banned in public schools, since it is based on Locke's Natural Law; All Men are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR, with a right to Life, Liberty, and Property. (Changed to Persuit of Happiness by Plagiarist Thomas Jefferson, who nowadays wouldn't survive the harsh UVA Honor Code).

The ban of Christianity in the public square has horrible consequences in our social life, because 2000 years of Western Culture are based on religion, including our Arts, Politics, History, and Culture. If Religion is eliminated from Art, we lose all the great works of the Renaissance. All of the great Classical Symphonies were meant for the Church. American Democracy was made possible through the idea of a Christian God who loves all his children yet rewards people on merit.

Eliminating God from our Culture is the first sympton, and probably the most painful of all. When God is eliminated from Culture, we lose things we consciously hold dear, such as the right to wish each other a Merry Christmas.

However, this is an unwinnable war for the secularists, because the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want to have Christmas eliminated. My whole generation was conditioned as
children to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. However, in recent years, I've discovered something. If you answer "Happy Holidays" with "Merry Christmas," you will always be rewarded with a genuine smile. People want their holiday back, and no longer want to be forced to smush Christmas in a generic term to include Channukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and New Years.

Even the most cold hearted Atheist should be able to appreciate that a greeting of Merry Christmas is just a term of goodwill to all men, Christian or otherwise.

Merry Christmas.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Republicans Need to Get Over Themselves 

All the Republican talking heads have been ecstatic with glee ever since Bush not only won reelection, but with the most popular votes in history, and the first majority since the last president named Bush.

"We are the majority party!" they cry with glee. "Our message resonates with the American People, and the Democrats will soon go the way of the Whigs!" Obviously, this is patently false.

The thing that neither political party acknowledges in this country is that America does not govern by political parties. Our two-party system creates an atmosphere where the Cult of Personality trumps political philosophy. Frankly, the personality of the candidate shapes the platform more than the platform shapes the candidate.

The best case and point for this would be the modern Republican Party. The Republican party as we know it today originated, more or less, with Barry Goldwater. Goldwater believed in state rights, that the Federal Government should not hold excess power over the states. This is the birth of modern Conservatism. Ever since he ran against LBJ, this has been a cornerstone of the Republican platform.

Nixon and Kissinger made Republicans the party of Realpolitik, willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the country. Ever since, Republicans have been the party of Defense.

Later, Reagan won the Republican nomination on the idea that the economy could grow by lowering taxes. Before that, Republicans believed that before taxes could be cut, spending must be cut equally. Bush Sr referred to Reagan's plan as "VooDoo Economics" in the Republican primaries. Reagan won the nomination, won the presidency, proved his theory right, and thus Chicago School Economics is now another central platform to the Republican party. This is Reagan Republicanism.

Today, George W. Bush continues on the platforms created by Goldwater and Reagan and takes it step further: That free-market solutions can be encouraged by the government for the social betterment of the nation; more plainly, its the idea that the things Liberals relied on the government to provide can be provided more efficiently by Marketplace. This is Compassionate Conservatism, or neo-Conservatism (altho a certain Russian once referred to it as Nationalist Socialism).
The Democratic Platform is even more drastically affected by the Cult of Personality.

FDR introduced a safe form of socialism to the American process, which Americans felt safe with. This pseudo-socialism is the heart and soul of the current Democratic Party.

LBJ single-handedly changed the Democratic Party from the party of former slaveholders bent on killing their former wards, to the party of civil rights.

Bill Clinton (WJC?) saw the success Reagan had growing the economy by cutting taxes, and showed that you can cut taxes, raise spending, and still end up with surplusses (kind of). Clinton would have been on the way of creating a working platform for the Democratic Party in the modern day, if not for the worst cancer the Democrats have had to endure since George Wallace:

Howard Dean.
Howard Dean used his force of personality to make Democrats fear the Republicans worse than they fear the true enemies of this country. He polluted the Democratic Primaries with a vitrolic hatred so that all the other candidates needed to imitate in order to be taken seriously. Clinton's hand-picked moderate candidate, General Wesley Clark, imitated Dean well enough to win the endorsement of Michael (_._) Moore.

The elites in the Party arranged in Iowa for Kerry to defeat Dean (a luxury elites have in the caucus system, as opposed to a primary system), and Dean's exhausted scream to rally the troops became a death cry. However, Kerry had no power of personality, in that he made Al Gore seem like Jonathan Edwards (Not the VP candidate). The Democratic rank-and-file were still in glow of the Howard Dean Cult, characterized by a paranoia usually reserved for mental patients. Thus, we reach the point we are at today.
Now, this may make things seem bad for the Democrats, but the truth is quite the opposite. The Deaniac cult will die as soon as an eclipsing personality appears. Might be a while, however. 2008 is supposedly reserved for Hillary to take a run at office, and her personality is repugnant. I personally think Dean will run again. Look for a Democratic revival in 2012. I don't know who it will be, but I have faith the Democrats will have their act together by then.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How Commercialism Saves Christmas 

Like everyone else here, I hate some of the commercial aspects of the holiday season. I despise crowds and traffic. I think any child who runs underfoot while I shop deserves the punting I inevitably give them. However, that said, I think Christmas greatly benefits from the commercialism.

Why? Because without the presents, we would likely let Christmas pass by without a notice. Take Easter, for example. When I attended Virginia Tech, we did not get the day after Easter off, therefore most people did not spend the day with their family. When I waited tables, I never had Easter Sunday off. I'm not very religious these days, but I think it is disrespectful to work on the holiest day of the year. (Ironically, last Easter I actually had to serve a Minister, which kind of hit me as a little off. If he discourages work on the Sabbath, then how can he actively seek out goods and services?)

My point is, Easter is supposedly the most Holy day on the Christian calender. But once you outgrow Easter Baskets, it is no different than any other Sunday, except that the mass is longer and more boring than any other Sunday of the year.

Christmas, however, never goes by without notice. Some people start their preparations as early as Nov 1, and keep the decorations up until the end of January. Yes, it would be nice if there was some sort of middle ground, but all in all, I think I'll take the bastardized Christmas that is taken seriously, over the respectable Easter that is universally ignored.

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Get over it 

More accusations of American abuse of the enemy. Well, here's a news flash for all of you:

Photography is not torture.

America needs to stop seeking out excuses to feel bad.

The terrorists in Iraq deserve everything they got, and at this point, that includes Abu Ghraib. When actual torture occurs, like that which Saddam inflicted, I'll change my opinion.

But in this confict, the word "torture" has been cheapened enough to be meaningless.

Humiliation is allowed in war.

Interrogation saves lives. The lives of our soldiers who WE sent to the most dangerous region on Earth.

Those of you who supported the war beforehand but oppose it now are more guilty than anyone else. You are who make America look like a paper tiger.

Those who do not obey the Geneva Convention are awarded no protection. The insurgents wear no uniform, target civilians, booby-trap corpses, and in no way respect the Geneva Convention. So bring on MORE Abu Ghraibs, if such humiliation brings out information to save American or Iraqi lives, civilian or military.

Quite frankly, we should probably kill 90% of our prisoners anyway. Without a state to be accountable to, you can never safely release terrorists.

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