Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hail to the Hippies 

It is an unholy alliance. The University Hippies, via their idiotic sporting body known as the NCAA, has teamed up with the "Native American" movements that want to purge the sporting world of references to Native American culture.

Most Indians do not mind having sports teams named after them, in fact, many are actually proud of it. Florida State, for example, actually received explicit permission from the Seminole tribe to use them as their mascot.

The current issue came to my attention due to one of our Virginia schools being under fire by the NCAA. William & Mary is being persecuted due to their mascot name, the Tribe.

Now, William & Mary? Let's be serious here! If we are going to crack down on their sorry excuse for a sports program we might as well start making sure that no Youth Optimist Soccer teams are using Indian names!

Smack-talk all aside, it rather puzzles me that Native Americans are the only ethnicity to complain. If we are going to ban naming teams after Ethnicities, we will have a long list of banned teams, such as:

- Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Maybe it's not offensive if the stereotype is accurate?)
- Montreal Canucks
- New York Yankees (Yankees was originally a disparaging term the Brits used for American seperatists, and let's face it, most Europeans don't use the term as a compliment)
- Boston Celtics
- Arizona Cardinals (As a Catholic, I am deeply offended =p)
- Any team from INDIANa

This list could continue on.

Interestingly, I think that one valid complaint might be against the Redskins, my team. After all, "Redskin" was at one point a term that was meant to disparage Native Americans. However, one should consider the history of the team.

Before moving to Washington, the Redskins were a Boston team. Quite odd, since Massachusetts is not known for its Indian tribes (Squanto aside). The fact is, the Boston Redskins were not particularly named after Native Americans. They are named for the Boston Tea Party protesters, who dressed as Indians and threw British tea into Boston Harbor on the eve of the American Revolution.

This said, I might not be opposed to the Redskins changing their name. I would suggest to the Washington Warriors, since the illiteration works well, and they'd be able to maintain the logo, if not for the fact our basketball team is the Washington Wizards. DC is mocked enough without seeming like the City of D&D nerds.

Besides, the odds of Dan Snyder messing with tradition is about the same likelyhood of Michael Moore turning down a bucket of fried chicken, and I think we can safely say that DC would riot if anyone tampered with their beloved-yet-perpetually-losing football team.
Another topic: Bumper Stickers.

The election is over. Get rid of the Kerry/Edwards stickers. You lost. Try again in four years. You are due for a win then anyway.

PLEASE get rid of the Gore stickers! You've lost TWICE since that!

Republicans didn't have Bush/Quayle stickers on their bumpers in 1993, or Dole/Kemp stickers in 2001. Maybe their ability to get over the past is why they've begun winning elections.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Benedict XVI: This Time, It's Personal! 

" Every day new sects are born and we see realized what St. Paul says on the deception of men, on the cunning that tends to lead into error (cf. Ephesians 4:14). To have a clear faith, according to the creed of the Church, is often labeled as fundamentalism. While relativism, that is, allowing oneself to be carried about with every wind of "doctrine," seems to be the only attitude that is fashionable. A dictatorship of relativism is being constituted that recognizes nothing as absolute and which only leaves the "I" and its whims as the ultimate measure. " - Father Josef Rattinger, Pope Benedict XVI
Okay, is there any doubt that I'm gonna love this guy?

Everyone knew a Conservative would probably win. But very few thought that the oldest, crankiest Conservative of all would win.

The biggest surprise was that a German ascended to the papacy. Most expected the new Pope to come from South America or Africa, where religious faith is most powerful, and the "Diversity" would placate the Liberals into not minding the fact that the Church will still excommunicate for Abortions, and such.

The Cardinals went a different route, although not so different from when they selected John Paul II. They picked a pope from the epicenter of the Atheistic world. In 1978, Communist Poland gave us a leader whose faith turned around the destiny of the Evil Empire. Do the Cardinals hope that a Pope from Moral-Relativistic Germany will reawaken the Godliness of Atheistic Europe? That can be my only guess.

South America and Africa are both powerfully religious. They understand the value of Faith already. As great as I believe it would be for the Church's image for a priest from the Third World to become Pope, the biggest crisis of Faith in this world is clearly not in Africa or South America, or even in the corrupt Capitalistic North American Continent.

It is in Europe, the traditional homeland and bastion of Christianity.

Socialist thought has made people believe in extreme relativism, and open profession of faith is taboo. Meanwhile, immigration from the Muslim world has introduced a hostile element to Old Europe, Saudi-educated fundementalists, whom the PC Euros refuse to confront.

Already, the forces of Forced Secularism are beginning their advance on our the new Pope. The media is aghast with his youthful ties to the Hitler Youth in the 1930s, which is a charge as idiotic as accusing an American citizen for having a Social Security card. There was no choice in the matter, you just joined, and heaven help you if you didn't show.

Ratzinger was able to escape Hitler Youth by joining the priesthood. He deserted the German Army in World War II and was taken prisoner by American forces.

More recently, he demanded that Catholic Communion be denied to "Catholic" lawmakers who support abortion, most notably Senators John Kerry and Tom Daschle during the 2004 election.

Will Benedict XVI be too strict to win Europe back to the Faithful? Perhaps. I, for one, look forward to seeing how this plays out.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Now With Title-y Goodness 

One thing that bugs me about the Conservative movement is that they'll continue pointless, painful arguments forever. Even when they are obviously wrong.

The most ludicrous example of this is a fight left over from the 1930s, the fight over whether Evolution or Creationism should be taught in science classes.

How can anyone honestly fight this battle? Any way you look at it, Creationism is not Science. It is mythology. It was God explaining Creation to people who were still trying to figure out if they should eat rocks. God is not into explaining complex theorums of Quantum Mechanics in the Bible. God gave us the Bible for lessons on morality, he gave us brains to seek out additional knowledge.

If parents want their kids to believe that the Universe and Humanity just puffed into existence in seven days, that is fine. They can teach them that. But in order for something to be considered "science," it needs to be a testable hypothesis. Religion is not testable. It is based on Faith. If it was provable, then Faith would be useless.

There is much in science that may be disproved. Maybe Evolution is wrong. But it will not be disproven unless we learn the current theory.

Learning is not Blasphemy. The Bible is not Science.

God will not send you to Hell just for trying to explore the secrets of the Universe.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

April 15 

Have you finished your taxes yet? No? You dumbass!

I was going to write a somewhat humorous article today, about things I find even more annoying than taxes, such as Honda drivers, Maryland drivers, Honda drivers from Maryland. But, a strange, somewhat enlightening, and very infuriating thing happened at work today. I received a nice, round $100 bonus check. Or I would have, if it had not been for taxes.

More accurately, I received a check for $61 and change.

Yes, almost a full 40% of my money gets sucked up by taxes.

Last year, according to my W2 forms, I made roughly $25,000. I am by absolutely no valid definition the Rich, or even the Upper Class. If I didn't have parents to leech off of, I could not even survive as a person in the Middle Class. I would be in the Working Class, and struggling to keep my head above water.

And yet the government assumes the right to 40% of my income?!

Now, arguably, I will get most of this money back next year at this time. But I do not want that money back then! I want it now! My expenses exist NOW. They won't wait 364 days for Uncle Sam to give me back what is rightfully mine, secreted away from my pay-check, with the government knowing full well that under the current tax code they'll have to give most of it back anyway.

Meanwhile, my meager earnings are being spent on worthless crap. My tax money is subsidizing Disneyland? How much does Disney pull in a year?! I can gauratee you it is well more than my pathetic $27,000/year (the $25,000 was from waiting tables for 11 months, remember)! My tax money is going to the Tiger Woods Foundation. I'm not certain, but I believe that Tiger Woods makes more every tournament than my entire family makes in an entire year. And HE is taking MY money at the point of the government's gun! Inconceivable!

The problem with taxes is that the people we elect to decide our taxation don't seem to understand that our taxes are meant to be spent on common welfare. My welfare is in no way served by having MY tax dollars spent on Nevada Public Schools offering programs in Mariachi. My welfare would be much better served if I was allowed to keep my money and spend it on, say beer. Or paying off my student loans. Or putting a security deposit on an apartment. THIS is why I work. If I wanted to finance Disneyland, I would like to do it as a paying customer, not by having the IRS rob it from me.

Taxation with Representation still sucks. I say I want a Revolution. You know its gonna be all right.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Anybody But Hillary? Anything But That! 

This weekend, the Republicans are expected to release the first of what promises to be a myriad of anti-Hillary books. What a bunch of fucking morons.

This strategy worked so well for Howard Dean and John Kerry, right?

When the Democrats tried to demonize Bush, it merely put the Republican base on the defensive, while angering the moderate voters. So the Republicans wish to emulate this strategy? What a bunch of fucking morons.

I, for one, don't think Hillary is the worst candidate available. I would vote for Hillary over several Republicans. John McCain, for example, is a dirty snake. If he was the Republican candidate, I could very well vote for Hillary. Bill Frist, the Republi-Kerry, would not be likely to garner my vote either.

The Democrats are due for a win, just due to national fatigue from Republican control. Hillary may have been a radical liberal by 1992 standards, but by today's standards, she is by all definitions moderate.

I do think that there are a couple Republicans who could win, if their supporters weren't so prone to being fucking morons. Rudy Giuliani would be my first choice. He comes from arguably the most important of the Blue States, which many believe has a hidden resentment that her Junior Senator is from a hick state. But Giuliani won't get through the primaries. The Pro-Lifers, on the war-path due to their absolute failure to save the life of Terri Schiavo, will demand a strong Pro-Life candidate (and if you believe that the Pro-Lifers will be over Schiavo by then, you do not understand the mind of political fanatics).

Newt Gingrich may also be a surprise candidate with a decent chance, if he were able to run by his own merits. Unfortunately, his presense will stir up the right-wing wackos, who will scare off the moderates.

It is probably pointless to speculate too deeply on an election so far away. So much can still happen. But the Republicans do nobody any favors by beginning a Hillary Hate campaign. I did not support it when the Democrats did it to Bush, and I will not support it if Republicans do it to Hillary, or anyone else. Can we not be trusted to show a little bit of maturity? And if a right-wing wacko like me feels this way, imagine how the average voter will feel.

Dirty politics is cheap and base, everything the Conservatives claim they are not. They had most of the country believing it. Now, they are going to piss it all away. What a bunch of fucking morons.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Remember Iraq? 

Remember a couple months ago, we got daily reports about how Iraq was a dismal failure? Everything was going wrong, Bush screwed everything up, and we needed to run with our tails between our legs, like we did in Vietnam? Whatever happened to that?

I'll tell you what happened. We ran out of bad news, and the media that is so keen to oppose the war refuses to give good news from Iraq, unless it is totally unavoidable (ie, the Kurd being elected President).

Since the election, the so-called insurgency has run out of steam. European allies who committed troops, such as Italy and Poland may be saying that they are going to withdraw their troops, but the situation seems to be such that the United States will be withdrawing troops as well.

The Arab Street, which eyed the American invasion with anger has been distracted by other happenings in the Arab world, such as Sharon's removal of Israeli settlements in the so-called Palestinian territories, and Lebanon's protests against Syria's illegal occupation.

Speaking of Syria, they are now overly distracted with internal matters to continue to finance the insurgency. Iran, as well, is bogged with Pro-Democracy protests. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are falling prey to an inquisitive public hungering for political freedom, like that now enjoyed by Iraqis and Afghanis.

Here in the states, people who opposed the war are mostly fuming in an angry pout. They still believe the War was wrong, but don't know exactly how to prove it, since it seems to be accomplishing the impossible, reform in the Middle East. Those who just want to prove Bush a failure are especially distressed.

Now, I won't say that we will be done in Iraq anytime soon. The insurgency may manage to perform their own Tet Offensive, and regain their momentum. However, if the American Public holds strong, we will be able to fight them back. There is no danger that our military will fail. Only that we, as Americans, will fail them.

However, for now, I'd just like to relish in this "I told you so."

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Minute Men, Indentured Servants, and National Security 

Arizona is the birthplace of a new, interesting political movement. The Minute-Men, a group of unarmed volunteers, moniter the Arizona/Mexican border, and alert the border control when Mexicans attempt to cross illegally. Already, over ten thousand immigrants have been apprehended this way.

You'd think that the border patrol and the authorities would be happy about this, but of course, you would be wrong.

The Border Patrol is pissed, because a bunch of volunteers is proving how easy it is to do the job at which they fail so miserably. Bush is pissed because it makes it look like America has to rely on vigilantes to protect our borders, not to mention the fact that it strains our ties with Mexico. Mexico is pissed because the Minute Man project is working.

Now, it is reasonable to believe that if the United States wanted, they could keep illegals out. We could build a wall on the border, militarize the Rio Grande, or at the very least we could allow the Border Patrol to do their job. However, the Hispanics now outnumber the Blacks as the largest minority voting block, and neither political party wants to (pardon the pun) alienate them. Of course, this is all under the disgusting assumption that ethnic groups will always vote monolithically without independently weighing the Pros and Cons of each political movement and their candidates-- a racist assumption bred from the fact that, unfortunately, the Blacks have been proving it true since the 1960s.

There are also economic reasons we allow illegals in this country, which is what I think is the most heinous reason of all. Essentially, we use Mexicans as slave labor. We put them to work in the fields, doing all the unsavory jobs that Blacks did before the Civil War. We pay them, but not enough to live on. In return, they get to live in America. Of course, the Mexicans come here by choice, whereas the Africans had Plymouth Rock land on them. Therefore, they are probably most comparable to the indentured servants, the White slaves of Colonial America.

Indentured servants came to America by way of vowing themselves into slavery to minor nobility. They got a ride to the colonies, and slaved for their masters for a set amount of time, after which they would be set free. Many of the more dangerous jobs went to the indentured servants, because the Black slaves were expensive, and were worth too much to risk on dangerous jobs.

Illegal Mexicans are in a similar position. They work in dangerous labor jobs without any union representation. Since they are illegal, they do not get the protections promised by law, such as minimum wage. Agriculturists defend this practice the same way they defended slavery back in the day: if we prohibited it, they would go out of business. It is truly the modern Peculiar Institution. And much like the historic Institution, it needs to be abolished.

Illegal immigration is a grave threat to national security, and the treatment of the tolerated illegals is a violation of human rights. We look the other way because we think we need the labor, and Mexico looks the other way because they need the money. However, this is totally unacceptable Our borders are wide open to everyone, including Al Qaeda terrorists; the Hispanic Mafia, MS-13 (which has set up their home base in this country in Northern Virginia), or the drug smugglers who make mockery of our laws and import crime to our city streets.

The Minute Men are getting fantastic results, and as a result, they are being demonized. Rather than disparage the Minute Men, I think we should try to encourage them to try to start this full time, like the Guardian Angels organization that has done so much to fight crime and mafia influence in the northern cities. A free neighborhood watch across our border seems likely to succeed where the border patrol fails miserably. It may anger Vincente Fox that he can no longer send his workforce over here to earn their miserable wages for their families, but in all honesty, I think that the citizens of Mexico elected him to fix their economy, not so that they could more effectively leech off of ours. If he cannot make Mexico a productive, independent nation, then we should not continue aiding him in hiding his failure. After how he betrayed us before the Iraq War, we owe him less than nothing.

We do need to loosen immigration laws in this country. We need to make it easier for good people to become citizens. By allowing more hand-working immigrants in, we strengthen America. However, when we let criminals across the border without documentation, we expose a fatal weakness, even if the majority of these criminals mean us absolutely no harm. All it would take is one illegal to bring a nuclear device or a vial of small pox.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Media and the Cafeterians 

I must admit, the media was respectful longer than I expected them to be.

But now that the Do-Gooder is dead, they clammor with hope! Now, the Church is free! Free to stop being the Catholic Church! Married priests! Women priests! Homosexual marriages! Abortions on Demand! Why, Catholics may become a respectable minority now!

They need to get over it. The Church is not a Democracy, nor should it be. Morals are not picked by popular accord. If you do not like the teachings of the Catholic Church, there are plenty more to pick from. Join the Lutherans. You worship the same God, get similar services, and ultimately probably end up in the same Heaven. Freedom of Religion in this country means a Free Marketplace of Faith.

The fact is, you can disagree with the Church on some issues, but you cannot expect an entire religion to change to suit your desires. The Church has actively fought against Abortion and Infanticide non-stop since the days of Constantine. It will not change its view now. To do so would be hypocritical.

If you are a True Catholic, you expect the Church's rules to change through Divine Inspiration, not current political fads. The media cheapens the entire religion with their orgasmic hope that 2000 years of tradition will change just to suit their talking points.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Call Me Jon Paul III 

I'm not usually overly sentimental. I openly laughed at the people who were crying over Princess Di's death, and sort of rolled my eyes over the reaction to Reagan's passing. The big deal over Christopher Reeves made me sick.

That said, I am pretty bummed about the passing of Pope John Paul II. There are very few people on earth who deserve the respect they are accorded. JP2 was one of them. There was nothing phony about the man at all.

He was a man who stuck to all his values. He spoke a dozen languages, so that he could communicate to people all over the Christian world. He worked diligently to make up for the past evils of the Church's arrogance, even when it made him look silly. Maybe it was pointless for him to apologize for the persecution of Galileo, but the same people who mocked him for that praised Bill Clinton for apologizing for slavery.

He fought for worldwide Human Rights. He was instrumental in the fall of Communism by appealing to the godliness of those trapped behind the Iron Curtain. Supposedly, he opposed the recent actions in Iraq, but I have to wonder if he would have been more supportive in his younger days, before he had all his information fed to him by handlers.

As a history student, it seems that most of the popes through the ages were horrible men. John Paul II, on the other hand was the genuine article, obviously working for the good of mankind and the Will of God. He was the only Pope I've known in my lifetime. I seriously doubt that any other in my lifetime will live up to his standard. God Bless.

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