Monday, April 18, 2005

Now With Title-y Goodness 

One thing that bugs me about the Conservative movement is that they'll continue pointless, painful arguments forever. Even when they are obviously wrong.

The most ludicrous example of this is a fight left over from the 1930s, the fight over whether Evolution or Creationism should be taught in science classes.

How can anyone honestly fight this battle? Any way you look at it, Creationism is not Science. It is mythology. It was God explaining Creation to people who were still trying to figure out if they should eat rocks. God is not into explaining complex theorums of Quantum Mechanics in the Bible. God gave us the Bible for lessons on morality, he gave us brains to seek out additional knowledge.

If parents want their kids to believe that the Universe and Humanity just puffed into existence in seven days, that is fine. They can teach them that. But in order for something to be considered "science," it needs to be a testable hypothesis. Religion is not testable. It is based on Faith. If it was provable, then Faith would be useless.

There is much in science that may be disproved. Maybe Evolution is wrong. But it will not be disproven unless we learn the current theory.

Learning is not Blasphemy. The Bible is not Science.

God will not send you to Hell just for trying to explore the secrets of the Universe.

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