Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Missing the Point 

Well, it is official. Terri Schiavo was braindead.

Now, people who defended the husband want an apology. Well, guess what? Y'ain't gettin' one!

No sane person expected Terri to wake up one day, take some night classes, and resume a normal life. We all knew that what we saw was what we got. The point is, we didn't think that it was worth murdering her for.

For some reason, people obsess about whether certain afflictions are better or worse than death. Now, as far as this mortal coil goes, I really can't think of much that is worse than death. Death is the end-all. You cease to be, as far as mortal understanding can configure. There may not have been much left of Terri in that shell of a brain, but it is certainly more than there is now.

If she was in pain, my opinion would certainly be different. If she had a brain tumor that kept her in constant agony, for example, death might be preferable.

However, in her state, she was in no pain. She was not causing anyone any harm. As far as we know, her soul may have already been happily in Paradise. But her family wanted to take care of her. It may have been a fruitless venture, but it harmed no one.

Of course, it is only appropriate that the husband make the final decision in this case, since Terri did not leave a living will (I want to be sent to a taxidermist, myself). But Michael Schiavo is a creepy man. To this day, Terri's parents and siblings do not know where Terri rests. Why was he so adamant to deny the family the opportunity to care for a loved one? Why will he not let them know where she is now, or where she will be buried?

People seem to love Death these days, whether in the form of abortion, euthenasia, or whatever. It seems to me that in almost all situations, a poor Life is preferable to an exceptional Death. Terri Schiavo, of course, was denied both when she was subjected to 3 weeks of dehydration.

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