Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Is it time to cap gas prices?

Hawaii is trying it, and apparantly, they are having very little success. This is odd, since when you think about it, do you ever particularly need to DRIVE anywhere in Hawaii?

Price controls never work. Nixon actually tried to cap gas prices. This lead to people waiting hours in line to get their vehicles fueled, and an economy caught in paralysis. Carter made this situation worse.

However, oil may become so expensive in the near future that the free market will no longer be a viable way for the normal consumer to get gasoline.

Some short term solutions exist to ease the problem. By executive order, Bush should standardize the environmental requirements of petroleum, rather than letting every piddle-dink county in America decide how they want their gas to be concocted in just the perfect way. This way, refineries could more efficiently produce petroleum. Environmentalists would be livid, but I think we have reached a point where no one but the Greenest leftist would be in the mood for their shit.

However, we may have reached a point where what we used to consider long-term goals need to be hurried into Intermediate and short-term goals. We need alternative energy. If Ted Kennedy and Walter Cronkite don't like seeing Wind Farms over the horizon of their seaside homes, then it sucks to be them. If people don't like Nuclear Plants, then they should leave for Europe.... no wait, Green Europe is full of nuclear plants.

The Big Three car companies must be enticed into selling Hydrogen cars. And, as my reluctant nod to social engineering, the Federal Government needs to help set up stations to recharge Hydrogen batteries.

No one can control gas prices, and we'd only suffer if we tried. We can, however, free ourselves of this wretched dependence.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mother Nature is an Evil Cun......undrum 

It's that time of year again! Hurricane season! The Global Warming Millenial Myth at its most fierce!

The most idiotic myth of Hippiehood is that Nature is naturally benevolent, if not for our abuse. Hate to break it, but Mother Nature is a dirty bitch.

Nature gave us plague, earthquakes, tornadoes, and even hurricanes since before humanity shed their tails and came down from the trees. Before the Industrial Revolution. Before the discovery of petroleum.

Does man contribute to Global Warming? I gotta be honest, I really don't give a fuck. The only contant about Nature is her pure randomness. We are but one miniscule variable amongst millions of others. Volcanoes, sun-spots, and natural cycles certainly trump anything we can do. Remember, at one point, the island of Greenland was GREEN, not covered in ice. Things were likely warmer back then, in the days of the Vikings.

[Panda segment has been deleted, in that it seemed much less brilliant once read sober]

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Simple-Minded Left 

Jerry Kilgore, who I now whole-heartedly endorse, pointed out recently that MS-13 and Al Qaeda have connections. The ignorant Left, if all a titter. "That idiot Republican," they say. "Al Qaeda is Muslim, and MS-13 is Hispanic."

And this simple-mindedness seems to me to epitomize what is wrong with the so-called thinking of the Leftists. They seem to think people without exactly the same goals cannot ever work together (despite Democrats being the Party of both the KKK and the NAACP, the Unions and the Environmentalists, insert your own contradictory alliance). Al Qaeda wants to spread Islam over the world in a Millienial campaign to bring back the Utopia promised by Allah, MS-13 wants to sell stuff on the Black Market.

Now, let us use some basic reasoning skills here. Unless Mohammad comes back and personally leads the troops, al Qaeda needs some weapons. MS-13, with connections to Salvadoran Marxist resistance groups, can provide weapons. That is what MS-13 does. They sell weapons. Al Qaeda wants weapons. Ergo, the idea that they wouldn't work together is total ignorance.

Much the same argument was made by the Leftists to deny that Saddam would work with al Qaeda. Why, Saddam is secular, while al Qaeda is Religious!!!!!!!!. OMFGROFLOLBBQ!!!!

Saddam was apt at making convenient alliances with enemies to take down other enemies. He allied with the Iranians in the first Gulf War in hopes of defeating us, and there was no one Saddam despised more than the Persians.

For further reading on MS-13/al Qaeda connections:




Is the connection possibly overblown? Maybe. But Al Qaeda is looking for a seller, and MS-13 needs customers. Do the math.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Just a Thought 

When Miloschevic forced all the Muslims out of Kosovo, we called that Genocide. Why aren't we condemning the exile of Jews out of Gaza in the same terms?

How do you think the world would react if all the Palestinians were thrown out of Israel tomorrow? The world would be screaming about Genocide, of course.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Apartheid Herndon? 

So, I wake up this morning, as I unfortunately do every day, and flip on the TV. Some woman is giving a soundbite on how opposition to the Day Labor site in Herndon equals pure, evil racism.

I flip the channel from NBC to ABC. Same woman. Same soundbite. Ditto Fox and CBS.

Once again, a deep issue with many complex issues has resorted to pure idiotic name-calling.

I, for one, think that the Day Laborer building should be built, under one condition: Police check documentation. If they do not provide documents, then police should escort them home and ask for the documents again. If they have no documents, they should be sent to INS.

Of course, this is only a solution for symptoms, not the actual problem. The real problem with immigration is two-fold.
1.) Our immigration laws are outdated, corrupt, and immoral.
2.) We do not even pretend to enforce them.

America's current immigration law stems back to the ultra-nationalist period surrounding World War I. Somewhere around that time, we decided we did not need no dag-gurned dark-skinned ferr-ners comin' in and stealin' the jobs of decent hardworkin' 'Mercans. As a result, when Fascism/Communism overtook Europe, the fleeing masses were turned away and forced to return to serfdom and genocide. Many decent people who tried to come to America were sent back to die in Europe. After World War II, we accepted the idea that we were part of a World Community, but we never actually changed the immigration code.

After the explosion of Political Correctness in the 1970's and 1980's, we began to understand that our immigration laws were idiotic. But again, we did not change them. We simply ignored them. We opened the borders to Mexico, and until 9/11, we took pride that neither we nor the Canadians took responsibility of the Northern border (The Canadians still do).

Few responsible people took the Southern border seriously until recently. During the slight recession of the late 80's, political psychopaths like Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, and Lyndon LaRouche would whine about the border. If anything, this only marginalized the issue further.

However, the result is that now there are millions of illegal aliens all over the United States. Since the ultra-PC county governments of Northern Virginia and Maryland are so accomodating, a lot of them have congregated here. This affects the housing market since the illegals can pool their money and live in what we would consider substandard conditions. This affects the traffic, and is made worse by the fact that as illegals, they cannot get insurance. The violent crime problem has become a major issue as well. Salvadoran gangs, most notably La Mara Salvatrucha (a.k.a MS-13), headquarter here.

Now, back to the Day Labor thingamabob. Obviously, as people who want to work, these are not particularly the people we want to send back. We simply to know who they are, where they came from, and why they are here. We want them to pay taxes. We want to make sure they aren't fans of Bin Laden, or haven't molested children in South America.

So, to sum it up:
1.) Federal Immigration law needs to be updated to the realities of the year 2005.
2.) The border must no longer be ignored.
3.) Immigrants who live here should be given a chance for legitimate citizenship. They've been here long enough. I don't care that they broke the law to get here. We didn't enforce the law, and it is asanine to just try to send them back now.

All this said, it is nice to see Herndon in the national news on an issue that doesn't involve the police defining drinking in bars as "Drunk in Public."

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Infamous Lost Article 

Sometimes, unpopular opinions need to be aired. I acknowledge that some opinions are so far out of the mainstream, it is often wiser to keep them to one’s self than to subject one's self to the hatred and ridicule that results. I fear that this may be one of opinions, but I feel it must be said:

I like Dan Snyder.

Now, I freely admit that I stand directly opposed to the rest of the free world on this. The Washington Post has openly despised Snyder since he bought the Redskins out from under the nose of the heirs of Jack Kemp Cook (D.C.'s answer to C. Montgomery Burns).

Snyder has done a lot for the Redskins, most of which has not been popular with The Post and other national sports media. Most prominently, in 2000, he freed the Skins from the awful regime of Norv Turner, the shameful head coach who, for six years, led the Redskins through one humiliating season after another. Now, admittedly, Snyder picked a poor time to do so. Due to a fluke where every key team screwed up at the end of the season, the Redskins actually had a chance to make it to the play-offs as a wildcard team. However, this did not stop good ol’ Norv from losing. Since it seemed obvious the Skins were going to lose their wildcard position, Snyder fired the unreliable Turner. Due to every other candidate for the wildcard position also doing poorly, however, the Redskins still made the play-offs. Snyder was blamed when the Redskins lost in the first round, and demonized in the press for firing the head coach. The press never concerned itself with the fact that Washington fans despised Norv Turner, and would boo him relentlessly when he took the field before games.

Since then, Snyder has gotten flack for a lot of other little dippy things here and there: too much advertising in the stadium, not allowing people to walk to the stadium from the mall, and trying to force people to use a Redskins Visa Card for all ticket purchases. Some of these complaints are quite valid. But Snyder also deserves credit for not sparing any expense in bringing in superstar players, staying firm on defending the Washington Redskins name and mascot despite whinings from so-called Native-American activists, dragging Joe Gibbs out of retirement, and turning a perpetually losing football team into the most profitable sports franchise in history.

Snyder’s current scandal involves a crack-down on professional E-Bay scalpers. Now, I cannot fathom how anyone can be against this. Scam artists buy tickets en mass at the beginning of the season, and then charge more than three times the face value. Who are the victims? You and I, and everyone else who cannot move any further up on the waiting list because the scalpers have reserved the right to first refusal on all ticket sales.

If Snyder is successful in removing the profit incentive for the scalpers, then people like my father, who has been on the wait list for my entire lifetime, may actually have an opportunity to buy tickets at a fair price.

And the most glaring thing about this scandal is, there is absolutely no personal profit motive for Snyder to do this. As long as the scalpers are around to buy the tickets, the Redskins and Snyder will make their money. It is only the fans who lose out. Snyder’s only motivation in this seems to be that he is looking out for the true Redskins fans. As usual, however, he is scorned by a media totally unwilling to look at the actual issue.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Hate to speak too ill of this woman, but I think we can at least stop taking her seriously now.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Updates? Bah! 

I haven't updated this in a while for a couple reasons.

First of all, nothing has been happening. The Karl Rove story has been forgotten by everyone except the Angry Left and the Overdefensive Right. A whole bunch of marines died in Iraq in one week, but less than the numbers we were hearing about on a daily basis this time nine months ago, so sadly, we all sort have gained a tolerance. One mother of a fallen soldier is trying to making the death of her son into a political statement in Crawford, TX, but I don't really know what I could say about that, other than the media is giving her entirely too much attention. I've decided I will endorse Kilgore for governor of Virginia, since he has finally made some statements condemning illegal immigration, whereas Kaine keeps his silence.

I have a much better blog entry on my computer at work, which I deleted when I e-mailed it to my home e-mail address. I'll hopefully have that up on Moday.

Anyhoo, this entry is mostly just so blogger doesn't close this site down due to inactivity. Hope y'all are having a more interesting weekend than I am.

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