Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pithy Reviews of September 

Since my internet was out all month, I have too much to talk about to speak on only one subject. Ergo:

Bush does not control the weather. Governors Kathlene Blanco of Louisiana and Haley Barbour of Mississippi DID control the evacuation for Katrina. Barbour did his job. Blanco did not. The Levee Board should face charges like the Enron executives. They were even more corrupt, and their corruption killed hundreds. Texas seems to have gone over a lot better with Rita, but then, that story may not yet be complete.

Gas Prices
Oil Company execs should have their throats slit and the video should be posted on the internet. Price gouging in the time of national crisis is treason.

Tom Delay
Republicans should waste no more time trying to defend this asshole. He actually went on record saying that there is no more fat to be trimmed from the congressional budget? EXCUSE ME? What a political whore! At least make your lies plausible! I think this is worse than what got Trent Lott dismissed from his position. At this point, people will either believe Republicans are racist or not, but many people nowadays seem to think Democrats are the fiscally responsible Party. For Delay to say such an idiotic thing just sickens me.

War on Terror
Lots of stuff on this front, and none of it covered because we are obsessed with hurricanes. Terror attacks are up, on both Americans and Iraqi civilians, but we are also shutting down numerous al Qaeda bases on both sides of the Syrian border. Meanwhile, Afghanistan has had another successful election. The press was silent on this. That makes me despise them even more.

John Roberts
Not even the most liberal asshole can truly find a good reason not to like this guy. Any democrat who votes against him should be ashamed. Any Republican who votes against him should be flogged.

They are getting nukes. Get used to it, and thank Britain, France, and Germany.

The UN
My theory is that they will assassinate John Bolton for making too many waves, but that may be the five beers talking.

I think that just about covers it for now. Tune in next time. Same stupid drunk time, same stupid drunk channel.

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Friday, September 02, 2005


I hope that al Qaeda isn't taking note on how helpless we apparantly are in cases of emergency.

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