Friday, November 18, 2005

For The Record... 


If al Jazeera quotes you, we have a right to question your patriotism. After all, the enemy's propoganda machine considers you on their side.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Four Gilmore Years? 

You have to admire optimism. At least, as long as you aren't the Republican Party of Virginia. Jim Gilmore has seen that Virginia politicians from both parties are currently front-running in the national primaries, and has decided he wants a piece of that.

The former governor was very popular for most of his term when he worked to eliminate the car tax, but when the national economy collapsed, so did his standings. But he didn't care. His term was over, and Virginia doesn't allow governors to serve two consequetive terms. He left it up to his would-be successor, Mark Earley, to defend his record. After all, if Earley wanted to be elected, he'd have to defend the Party's governor.

Earley didn't understand this. Earley had a simple strategy. Talk shit. He spent his entire campaign talking shit about Mark Warner, not addressing traffic, the recession, or defending the former administration's policies. Earley lost big, and I have to believe any votes he received came from blind party loyalty.

Now, thanks to his own apathy and Earley's ineptness, Gilmore's name is dirt in the Republican Party. Soon after Earley's defeat, Bush had him removed as Chairman of the Republican Party. Here in Virginia, the GOP has suffered two pathetic candidates in a row. The idea of Jim Gilmore running for governor again, as he stands, will give all state Republicans the jibblies.

If Gilmore is serious about this, he needs to start repairing his reputation now. He needs to make himself a royal pain in Tim Kaine's ass. If Kaine proposes anything that offends Conservative/Republican sensabilities, Gilmore should be there, making the case that Kaine is wrong, and he would do it better. He also needs to redeem the idea of eliminating the car tax, because that is his baby, and forever tied to him.

Gilmore was never as bad as he as made out to be, but I doubt he will be able to get that across to the voters.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

How Are Democracies Born? 

Here would be an interesting thesis I might build upon if I ever went back to get my Masters in political science.

Representative Government can only come about after a state/land/nation has been conquered and then abandoned.

This obviously goes against the conventional wisdom of the isolationists of this country. Whenever Bush, Clinton, other Bush, or Reagan tried push for democratic reforms in troubled lands, the isolationists cried in terror. "Democracy must be homegrown!" they cry. "We cannot impose democracy!"

And maybe we cannot. But all democracies seem to have emerged from countries that were conquered, then abandoned.

Take the United States. We were a British colony under very loose control. The Brits left us alone for most of the Colonial period. There was an ocean between us, so the Crown didn't want to deal with us. They saw us as a cheap source of materials and tobacco, and as long as we provided those, we were free to govern ourselves. Essentially, we were already a Democracy before King George III and the Parliament forced our hand and pushed us toward Revolution.

British laziness toward their colonies birthed other Democracies as well. India is the world's largest democracy, largely birthed after the Brits gave up the colony post-WWII. Most European democracies were born after the Nazis destroyed the monarchies, and after the Allies forced the Germans out. Eastern European democracies emerged after the Soviets were forced to bring the troops back to the motherland to secure their own political system.

Of course, not all abandoned colonies become democracies. After the Americans rested Cuba from the Spanish in the Spanish-American War, Cuba became largely a kleptocracy, and ultimately fell into Communism. But this does not ultimately disprove my point.

Essentially, it seems very rare that the natives of a country overthrow their own tyrants. The tyrants have a powerful stranglehold on their own people. Revolutionary leaders who manage to dethrone the corrupt leaders often become even more corrupt than the leader they replace. Think Lenin, Pinochet, Castro, and the Iranian Ayatollahs.

I know anyone who has taken a 8th grade Civics class can probably blow gigantic holes in my theory, as it stands. This is just a primordal theory. But I think that perhaps it is enough to give food for thought.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

One Type of Fascism Begets Another 


Scary Stuff here.

The Islamo-Fascist revolt in France may be strengthening the Classic Fascist movement. Their modern Maurice Paupon seems to be optimistic.

Fascist movements feed off each other. Communism and Naziism fed off the fear of the other, for example. The militant Socialist movements in South America resulted from Aristocracies left over from the days of Spanish control. Napolean, the Bolsheviks, and the Iranian Theocracy all seized power from absolute monarchs.

People turn to fascism when they value safety over liberty. Fascism promises to save their subjects from an outside evil. The Islamo-Fascist escursion into France will strengthen the power of those who sow fear. Sadly, the French culture does not value liberty much, so not much fear is necessarily needed for citizens to overreact.

Le Penn shocked the world with his relative electoral strength in France's last election. Chirac won, only as the lesser of evils, and by spewing anti-American jargon.

Le Penn feels he has been vindicated, as do his supporters. The question is, did he win any converts?

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Kilgore lost, and in all honesty, it isn't too surprising. The man's campaign never really got its act together.

I tried to volunteer, but they didn't start calling me until the election was practically over. Kilgore himself shunned the media. Kaine was constantly calling into the local talk radio like the Chris Core show and the Andy and Grandy show, but Kilgore's staff apparantly would not return their calls. Both these shows are Right-of-Center, but Kilgore couldn't be bothered with them.

Republicans DID win the other two races, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General (pending recount), so it is rather ignorant to say that this race was a referendum on George Bush or the Republican Party. Such a notion wasn't even raised until NBC Nightly News made up such talking points two nights ago. This election, quite frankly, was Kilgore's to lose. And he lost it.

Kaine followed the classic strategy of keeping his fool mouth shut. He didn't mention any plans, or any ideas, other than widening Route 66 outside the Beltway (So now Six Lanes will descend into two, rather than Four Lanes. This will somehow help traffic?). He allowed Kilgore to lampoon himself on the abortion question, while never answering his position definitively himself.

Kilgore tried to make Kaine's opposition to the Death Penalty an issue, but then Kaine called him mean. It backfired.

If Kilgore really wanted a winning issue, he should have pushed the Illegal Immigrant Hangout Center thing. Northern Virginians were raging pissed about this idiot project, and every Democrat politician, including Kaine, supports is full-heartedly. Kilgore said he was against them, and then moved on. If Kilgore really made an issue out of this, he could have won Fairfax and Loudoun. Instead, he focused on traffic and the Death Penalty. Kaine had a similar traffic proposal, and bringing up the Death Penalty was just plain mean, dagnabbit.

Anyway, maybe next time, in four years, the Republicans can pick a good candidate for Governor. You hear that VGOP? A GOOOOOOOD candidate!

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Australia Averts Attacks; France Burninates 

Australia did what the United States, Britain, Spain, and possibly France could not do. They foiled an al Qaeda plot before it was too late.

Meanwhile, France is all but suffering a Revolution. North African immigrants are burning the place down. Why? Because they hate living with the French, it seems. Like the rest of Europe, France feels some idiotic duty to allow their former colonies to export their poor to the motherland, with essentially no questions asked. Being French, however, they make it obvious to their immigrant population that France (and therefore the French) kick ass, while the former African colonies (and therefore the immigrants) are total scum.

So, two morons electricute themselves in a powerplant while trying to ditch police, after a violent robbery. These morons HAPPENED to be North African Muslims, so now some not-so-repressed rage is burning the country down.

However, there is evidence that these riots may not be so spontaneous. For example, French police found a factory making gasoline bombs for the rioters. Could it be possible that al Qaeda may be taking advantage of the Muslim riots to gain a secure foothold in Europe?

Let us hope that the French will stop acting so French, and take these bastards down.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Brief 

Scooter Libby- The Democrats got this unknown politico on a trumped-up Marth Stewart charge, but Karl Rove got away. Pyrric victory.

Harriet Miers- Sacrificed by te Bush Administration to rile up Conservatives? Only if Karl Rove truly is evil.

"Scalito" Alito- Conservatives claimed they wanted a fight, so Bush gave them this right-winger to put on the court. Why do I think the "Conservatives" in Congress will abandon him as soon as pressure is put on them? Because they have such a long track record of doing so.

Kilgore v. Kaine- A give the edge to Kilgore, b/c he played dirty. Suggesting to Virginians that Kaine won't let us execute people? We won't stand for it! Especially with that smug asshole Malvo sitting in prison for life because some moron judge and jury didn't do their job and order him put down

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