Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Kilgore lost, and in all honesty, it isn't too surprising. The man's campaign never really got its act together.

I tried to volunteer, but they didn't start calling me until the election was practically over. Kilgore himself shunned the media. Kaine was constantly calling into the local talk radio like the Chris Core show and the Andy and Grandy show, but Kilgore's staff apparantly would not return their calls. Both these shows are Right-of-Center, but Kilgore couldn't be bothered with them.

Republicans DID win the other two races, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General (pending recount), so it is rather ignorant to say that this race was a referendum on George Bush or the Republican Party. Such a notion wasn't even raised until NBC Nightly News made up such talking points two nights ago. This election, quite frankly, was Kilgore's to lose. And he lost it.

Kaine followed the classic strategy of keeping his fool mouth shut. He didn't mention any plans, or any ideas, other than widening Route 66 outside the Beltway (So now Six Lanes will descend into two, rather than Four Lanes. This will somehow help traffic?). He allowed Kilgore to lampoon himself on the abortion question, while never answering his position definitively himself.

Kilgore tried to make Kaine's opposition to the Death Penalty an issue, but then Kaine called him mean. It backfired.

If Kilgore really wanted a winning issue, he should have pushed the Illegal Immigrant Hangout Center thing. Northern Virginians were raging pissed about this idiot project, and every Democrat politician, including Kaine, supports is full-heartedly. Kilgore said he was against them, and then moved on. If Kilgore really made an issue out of this, he could have won Fairfax and Loudoun. Instead, he focused on traffic and the Death Penalty. Kaine had a similar traffic proposal, and bringing up the Death Penalty was just plain mean, dagnabbit.

Anyway, maybe next time, in four years, the Republicans can pick a good candidate for Governor. You hear that VGOP? A GOOOOOOOD candidate!

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