Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tookie Must Die! (Not a Robin Williams Movie) 

Liberals love murderers, Hollywood Liberals especially.

Does this accusation sound a little too Ann-Coulteran? Well, for your approval, take one Stanley "Tookie" Williams, one of the founders of the infamous Crips street gang. Do you want to know why he is going to be put to death?

Only click if you really want to know. I warn you, this link is both gruesome and repugnant. And it was all Tookie's handiwork.

But, Hollywood wants Williams (I refuse to continue to call him Tookie) to live. Since going to prison, Williams has apparantly "turned his life around," as all death row inmates seem to do when they are in a cell with absolutely no temptation or opportunity to continue their evil. All they have left to do is make piece with Christ or Allah (for some reason, these two are always the most popular. I suppose Buddah and Ginesh have better things to do than deal with these scum). They decide they have reformed, and they wish for society to forgive them, or at the very least, spare them their undeservedly humane execution.

This link can explain everything much better than I can. It is the California Supreme Court explaining why they won't stop the execution. Don't worry, it isn't as gruesome as the last one. It is a PDF file, so consider yourself warned.

Williams' defenders credit Williams with writing children's literature in prison about the evils of gangs. Why, he works to keep people out of gangs now!

That might mean something, if he didn't help create one of the most vicious gangs in the United States.

The fact is, if Williams was born in Saudi Arabia, he could very well have been bin Laden. If he was born in Jordan, he could have been Zarqawi. They all have that strain of evil that not only allows themselves to murder innocents, but encourages others to do so as well.

But, Hollywood loves this murderer, and wants him saved. Snoop Dog comes to his defense (although expecting him to support this execution would be like expecting Baghdad Bob to be impartial to the Saddam Hussein trial). We also have the usual windbags: Mike Ferrell (get a job! MASH ended 20 years ago!), Jesse Jackson, Margaret Cho, and others. They are all begging the Governator to grant clemency.

I would hope that Schwarzenegger will be smart enough to let the process go through until the end.

Stanley Williams, in cold calculating blood, murdered at least four innocent people, blowing them away at close range with a shotgun. This does not include all the lives he ruined luring the poor and desperate into his vile gang. We shouldn't care how many books he wrote about gang violence. We shouldn't care if he is the next Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare. He deserves to die. He deserves to die horribly, but as a civil society, I think we can agree to let him drift away piecefully from a lethal injection. May God have mercy on his soul.

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