Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apparently, no one CAIRs 

Ok, this Dubai ports thing won't go away. Liberals will happily embrace anti-Arabism since they believe it will make Bush look bad. Conservatives are trying to prove they are "Independent" of Bush, seemingly unknowing that their re-election campaigns will be tied to him, no matter what they do, short of switching parties. All-and-all, I think Republicans deserve to lose the Congress. Unfortunately, the Democrats don't deserve to win it back.

But I digress. I wondered what the largest Arab/Islamic Rights group, CAIR, had to say about the obviously anti-Arab sentiment on this UAE deal.

Well, according to their web site... absolutely nothing. They are still harping on how evil it is for the Danes to have drawn pictures of their "Prophet."

So, apparantly, one can only assume CAIR doesn't really have any interest in protecting the rights of Arabs who aren't terrorists. Am I wrong?

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