Monday, March 06, 2006

Bush Nuke-u-lars India 

The world didn't stop spinning because of the UAE deal. Life went on, and largely went unreported. One interesting story was how Bush offered India help with their nuclear program.

Now, at first I was a little uneasy about this. Not because I'm afraid India will nuke us, but because during the Cold War, they were largely on the wrong team. As far as I can tell, the Indians refused to be on the same side as the Brits.

However, in many ways, this move in brilliant. As a Russian ally, we can hopefully convince the Russians to give up their Iranian contracts in exchange for Indian ones. In addition, this has potential to go a long way to helping our fuel crisis. The reason that petroleum's prices have skyrocketed is because the demand has been so extravagently increased since China and India have embraced Capitalism. If India can provide energy through non-petroleum ways, the demand may lower to more reasonable levels.

Although, the cynic in me wonders if perhaps maybe this is payback for Pakistan's anti-American rallies last month.

I predict that the Senate will probably kill this, anyway.

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