Wednesday, April 12, 2006

They Should've Ordered at Burger King 

Well, it appears that Duke only sucks with consent.

In case you haven't heard the story, the Duke Lacrosse team was accused, en masse, of gang raping a stripper.

The stripper apparantly entered the Lacrosse house, with one other stripper. No men for protection. At all. Which means, of course, she wasn't with a licensed entertainment company. Which likely means she was not a "stripper" at all.

It is a sick note that society automatically believed the story of the prostitute. Why?

Well, several reasons. First, because rape is so heinous a crime, we do not want to believe that someone would lie about it. Not even a whore.

Second, because deep down, everyone hates jocks and preps. These kids were both.

Personally, I gave the prostitute the benefit of the doubt because such a strong story was laid out. Fingernails were torn out, DNA evidence was supposedly everywhere.

But, it seems that those fingernails were Lee Press-ons, and the DNA didn't belong to any of the kids.

But, the Feminazis and Academic Liberals won't let the case die. The lives of these kids have been ruined, as has the life of their coach, who was forced to resign in shame. Because the word of a whore, proven wrong by DNA evidence, outweighs the actions of a bunch of Ivy League athletes.

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