Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time to Change the Time Change 

Daylights Savings Time represents the most idiotic aspect of social engineering. We actually try to trick ourselves into thinking that the sun stays out later in the day, in the hopes that this will somehow boost wartime productivity.

Wartime productivity? Why yes. World War I, to be precise. Much like other useless and harmful programs, such as the Federal Income Tax, idiotic immigration laws, and giving a damn about Europe, Daylights Savings Time is a holdover from the days when Germany actually made decent progress toward world domination. Despite the fact the wars are long over, we still have the Federal Income Tax, we still have troops in Germany and Japan (and y'all whine we've been in Iraq too long?), we still make it near-impossible for immigrants to come here legally, and most importantly, I still lose a goddamn hour of sleep every April.

And I don't want to hear any crap about how I make it up when we return to Standard Time. That's six months apart, and doesn't do me any good now. Certainly doesn't benefit me enough to justify this disruption in my sleep schedule.

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